King Charles, William and Kate surprised well-wishers at the coronation

London – King Charles III, his son and heir William and his wife Kate, Prince and Princess of Wales, made a surprise stop outside Buckingham Palace on Friday afternoon to greet supporters a day before the monarch’s coronation.

Royals fans flocked to The Mall, a wide, tree-lined avenue that runs directly to the front gates of Buckingham Palace, and pushed against the fences at the sight of the monarch. Bentley State Limousine Roll towards the palace.

To their delight, the car convoy stopped and the King, Prince and Princess got out and walked towards the fence.

Britain’s King Charles III greets well-wishers outside Buckingham Palace in London, May 5, 2023, a day before his coronation at Westminster Abbey.

Toby Melville/AP

People have already camped out for several nights to reserve prime viewing spots on The Mall, which is halfway along the route of the king and his wife’s coronation processions on Saturday. Queen Consort Camilla are taken to Westminster Abbey.

As the royal family emerged from their vehicles, chants of “God save the king” and “Hip, hip hooray!” The crowd responded with shock as some chanted.

The King, Prince and Princess of Wales worked on opposite sides of The Mall, greeting people from all over the world, including the United States and Thailand.

William, Prince of Wales, meets well-wishers during a walk on The Mall outside Buckingham Palace, May 5, 2023, the day before his father Charles III’s coronation.

Toby Melville / Poole / Getty

Two women who exchanged a few words with the monarch after spending two nights camping at The Mall told CBS News it was a “truly wonderful” experience.

“I said to him, ‘Good luck tomorrow,’ and he turned to us and shook our hands,” said Joan, who did not want to share her full name.

“He asked if somebody went out at night and my hair was sticking up, and I said, ‘Yes!’ And he bent down and shook my hand.”

According to the BBC, the royal family’s security detail urged viewers to put down their phones and enjoy the moment.

King Charles III’s new role in the monarchy

Shortly after the three royals exited, they headed back to Buckingham Palace in their vehicles.

CBS News’ Emmett Lyons contributed to this report.

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