E. Gene Carroll seeks new damages from Trump for comments on CNN

Former President Donald J. From Trump e. Jean Carroll was awarded $5 million in damages. She is seeking a “very substantial” additional sum in response to her insults on the CNN show, a day after she won a sexual assault and sexual assault conviction. Defamation suit.

Ms. Carroll’s petition, filed Monday in Manhattan federal court, said Mr. Trying to intensify the financial pain for Trump. A judge in his civil case for sexual assault and defamation will find him liable on May 9. It ordered Ms. Carroll, a former columnist and member of Manhattan’s media circles, to pay $2 million for sexual harassment and $3 million for defamation.

Ms. Carroll filed a separate defamation suit filed on Monday against Mr. Trump, 76, in 2019, which is before the same judge who presided over the civil trial. That year, shortly after Ms. Carroll said he raped her in a Manhattan department store dressing room in the mid-1990s, Mr. The lawsuit stemmed from comments made by Trump. The case has been overturned by appeals and is still pending.

In a separate letter to the judge, Ms. Carroll’s attorney, Roberta A. Kaplan revealed, with little explanation, that Mr Trump had threatened to sue Ms Carroll “to retaliate and seek sanctions”.

Monday’s court filing argues. Mr. Trump’s statements “demonstrate the depth of his malice toward Carolyn, as it is difficult to imagine defamatory behavior motivated by hate, malice or spite.”

“This conduct supports a substantial punitive damage award in Carroll’s favor to punish Trump, deter him from engaging in further defamation, and deter others from doing the same,” the filing states.

Ms. Kaplan, Ms. Kaplan, a lawyer for Ms. Carroll, told CNN in an interview on Monday that Mr. Trump’s statements said it was crucial to pursue the pending defamation case.

“When he repeats the same defamatory statements over and over again, it makes a mockery of the jury’s verdict and our justice system,” Ms. Kaplan said.

Contesting the jury’s decision, Mr. Trump continues to struggle. After the verdict, his lawyer Joseph Tacobina filed a notice of appeal.

Mr. Another of Trump’s lawyers, Alina Hubba, said late Monday that no damages were warranted in Ms. Carroll’s 2019 defamation suit, “let alone punitive damages.”

“We intend to strongly oppose this motion, which is nothing more than a desperate, last-ditch effort by Ms. Carroll to elevate this case,” Ms. Hubba said.

Mrs. Carroll vs. Mr. Asked about Trump’s reference to the threat suit, Ms. Hubba said, “We are paying attention to the statements that Ms. Carroll has made in the press and are considering all options.”

Ms. Carroll, in a detailed interview with The New York Times two days after the verdict, said Mr. Of Trump’s CNN comments, he said: “It’s just stupid; It is disgusting, bad, wrong; It hurts people.”

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In 2019, Judge Louis A. He has filed Kaplan’s platform.

After Mr Trump sexually assaulted her in a dressing room at a Bergdorf Goodman department store, Ms Carroll said she kept the encounter a secret, except to tell two close friends. Ms. Carroll first published the chapter in the 2019 New York Magazine book section.

At that time, Mr. Trump called Ms Carroll’s allegations “absolutely false” and said he could not have raped her because she was not his “type”.

Ms. Carroll filed her 2019 defamation lawsuit based on those comments, and the lawsuit is bound by appeals, Mr. Trump argues that because he made his statements in his official capacity as president.

Last November, after Mr Trump – no longer president – issued a statement calling Ms Carroll’s case “a complete hoax” and “a hoax and a lie”, he sued her again for defamation and battery in New York. Although the statute of limitations has long since expired, the law allows a one-year grace period for adults to sue people who say they have sexually abused them.

Because the two cases are difficult to distinguish, they are sometimes referred to in court documents as Carroll I (2019 case) and Carroll II (2022 case).

A jury of six men and three women found Mr. Carroll guilty of sexually abusing and defaming Ms. Carroll. For raping Mrs. Carroll, as he had long claimed, Mr.

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