By January 15, 2017

Our Area Needs a Name


By Chris Prickett — We are in the midst of an existential crisis. We are who we say we are, but who (or what) the heck are we? By “we,” I’m referring to residents and businesses in the stretch of land along I-17 from Happy Valley to New River. We need a name, an identity, something that says… well, I don’t know what it says. And that’s the problem!

North Gateway? Sorry, that one was tried. It made us sound more like a bus stop than a destination. Plus, if you Google the phrase “North Gateway,” up pops a graphic that has an uncanny resemblance to the continent of Australia, superimposed on a map that stretches nearly to Lake Pleasant Parkway while hacking off Anthem, Tramonto, and some of Desert Hills.

Greater Anthem Area? A bit elitist and Anthem-centric, don’t cha think?

Black Canyon Corridor? I like where you’re going, but the town of Black Canyon is a good 12 miles north and not even in the same county.

Maybe a mashup ala SoHo or NorCal will work. We tried Frankensteining the North Sonoran Desert along the I-17 corridor and came up with NoSonoridor. Sounds more like an herbal sleep-aid than a community moniker. And now there are whispers of “the new North Scottsdale!”

With nowhere else to turn, we appeal to you, the very inhabitants of this no-name burg in the north metro Phoenix Sonoran Desert Valley I-17 corridor, for suggestions.

Break out the road map, thesaurus and box of wine, separate into small groups, and give us your best effort. Entries will be graded on creativity, memorability and rolloffthetongueiness.

location_marker_gps_shutterstock copyOur destiny is at your fingertips, don’t screw it up!

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One lucky entry will win a $100-gift card. Deadline is noon, Wednesday, Jan. 25 (The Contest is Now Closed). Winner will be selected and notified by email Thursday, Jan. 26. Look for results at and in a February issue of In&Out Magazine.

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