By December 15, 2017

Take a Moment… and Give a Moment

By Chris Prickett — If you think about it, the holidays are really about moments. The best memories are never about the final tally of a year’s Yuletide haul, but more about special moments and memories shared with friends, family, and sometimes with people that just pop into your life for one brief but magical period of time.

I’ve been very fortunate that, with the exception of a few random ER visits, my children have never suffered from a serious injury or illness. But I’ve known many families who haven’t been so lucky. For them, it’s all about moments, too. Moments of sadness, moments of sheer terror, and often just living moment-to-moment because that’s the only way to get through the days and weeks and months of realities that no one should have to face.

So, now I ask you for a moment. A moment to donate a new, unwrapped toy for a child who will be stuck spending the holidays at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Boy’s toy, girl’s toy, little kid or big kid toy, it doesn’t matter.

You’ll be donating much more than a toy. You’ll be donating a moment. A moment for a sick kid that doesn’t involve being stuck, or poked or wheeled away for another test. A moment of fun. A moment of normalcy. A moment to think about something that doesn’t involve pain and sadness. A moment to smile.

Prickett Realty is partnering with Smiles 4 Sick Children, a non-profit charity that, for the past five years, has been providing moment upon moment of joy and laughter to those who need it most, when they need it most.

They say laughter is the best medicine, but I’ve found that giving someone, especially a sick child, the gift of laughter is a medicine that helps the giver as much as the recipient. Take a moment to think about that. Then, please, take another to give…  just a “moment.”

How to Donate
Bring toys to 42104 N. Venture Dr., A102 in Anthem, or call 623-551-8111 for pickup. To donate cash or learn more, visit

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This article was first published on North Phoenix News.

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