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Lane Closures: MCDOT to Resurface Anthem’s Main Streets

anthem road resurfacing

MCDOT road resurfacing in Anthem was done in spring 2016, too. In&Out Staff Photo

By Robert Roy BrittResurfacing of streets in Anthem slated to start Tuesday, March 14 will force several days of lane restrictions, primarily on Anthem Way, Gavilan Peak Parkway, Daisy Mountain Drive and Meridian Drive. Maricopa County Department of Transportation officials anticipate a smoother operation compared to the extended process that took place on Anthem streets last spring.

[See Resurfacing Schedule Below]

Removal of striping began this week. The roads will be coated with a slurry of oil and asphalt that helps the underlying asphalt hold together and last longer, said MCDOT spokesperson Nicole Moon. It’s like adding water to dried-out Play-Doh, Moon explained, “so it doesn’t get all dry and crackly.”

Similar work last spring sometimes left roads unstriped for extended periods. This year a tighter schedule is planned, Moon told In&Out. The slurry must dry 72 hours before restriping can start, but contractors should not wait until all the roads are resurfaced to begin striping, she said. A different subcontractor has been hired to handle the restriping this year, and was given strict guidelines on timing.

“We don’t want to repeat what happened last year, which was not good,” Moon said.

The resurfacing will not be repeated on roadways that were resurfaced last year, she said. “We are applying it to a different set of roadways.”

The resurfacing is expected to continue through April 4. Work is scheduled for weekdays only, and “will not interfere with major events … such as the Daisy Mountain half-marathon/Emma’s Run or Anthem Days,” according to a statement from Anthem Community Council.

MCDOT did not put a firm end date on the project, however. “There are many factors, including weather and equipment/crew availability, that affect how long a road construction project will take to complete,” Moon said.

Resurfacing Schedule

This chart shows planned dates for resurfacing (it does not include timing of restriping or total time lanes may be closed for drying). Times are subject to change. Note: Sim Lane is in the Anthem Panhandle, connecting Gavilan Peak Parkway to Red Tail Lane.

DateStreetFromToLanes Blocked
March 14Anthem WayDaisy Mountain DriveI-17Westbound, Outside
March 14Anthem WayI-17Anthem Club DriveEastbound, Outside
March 15Anthem WayAnthem Club DriveDaisy Mountain DriveEastbound, Outside
March 15Anthem WayDaisy Mountain DriveFreedom WayWestbound, Inside
March 16Anthem WayFreedom WayI-17Westbound, Inside
March 16Anthem WayI-17Daisy Mountain DriveEastbound, Inside
March 17Anthem WayDaisy Mountain DriveI-17Westbound, Inside
March 17Meridian DriveDaisy Mountain DriveNot specifiedEastbound, Outside
March 20Meridian DriveNot specifiedDaisy Mountain DriveWestbound, Outside
March 20Gavilan Peak ParkwayNorth Valley ParkwayPioneer RoadSouthbound, Outside
March 20Pioneer RoadGavilan Peak ParkwayI-17West/Eastbound, Outside
March 21Meridian DriveDaisy Mountain DriveNot specifiedEastbound, Inside
March 21Meridian DriveNot specifiedDaisy Mountain DriveWestbound, Inside
March 21Pioneer RoadGavilan Peak ParkwayI-17West/Eastbound, Inside
March 21Gavilan Peak ParkwayPioneer RoadSim LaneSouthbound, Outside
March 22Gavilan Peak ParkwaySim LaneDaisy Mountain DriveSouthbound, Outside
March 22Gavilan Peak ParkwayDaisy Mountain DriveEnd center islandNorthbound, Outside
March 23Gavilan Peak ParkwayEnd center islandNorth Valley ParkwayNorthbound, Outside
March 23Gavilan Peak ParkwayNorth Valley ParkwayPioneer RoadSouthbound, Inside
March 24Gavilan Peak ParkwayPioneer RoadSim LaneSouthbound, Inside
March 24Gavilan Peak ParkwaySim LaneNorth Valley ParkwayCenter Lane
March 27Gavilan Peak ParkwayNorth Valley ParkwaySim LaneCenter Lane
March 27Gavilan Peak ParkwaySim LaneNorth Valley ParkwayCenter Lane
March 28Gavilan Peak ParkwayNorth Valley ParkwaySim LaneCenter Lane
March 28Gavilan Peak ParkwayDaisy Mountain DriveSim LaneSouthbound, Inside
March 28Gavilan Peak ParkwaySim LaneDaisy Mountain DriveNorthbound, Inside
March 29Daisy Mountain DriveAnthem WayI-17Eastbound, Outside
March 29Daisy Mountain DriveI-17Meridian DriveWestbound, Outside
March 30Daisy Mountain DriveMeridian DriveAnthem WayWestbound, Outside
March 30Daisy Mountain DriveAnthem WayMeridian DriveEastbound, Inside
March 31Daisy Mountain DriveMeridian DriveI-17Eastbound, Inside
April 3Daisy Mountain DriveMeridian DriveI-17Eastbound, Inside
April 3Daisy Mountain DriveI-17Meridian DriveWestbound, Inside
April 4Daisy Mountain DriveMeridian DriveAnthem WayWestbound, Inside


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