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New APS Substation to Serve Anthem Nears Completion

aps substation

The new substation, seen from 43rd Avenue looking east toward Daisy Mountain. In&Out Staff Photo

UPDATE: March 9, 2017 — An APS substation that aims to improve electrical service in the Anthem area is under construction and on schedule to begin delivering power in a few weeks.

“Recent rains have created their fair share of challenges, but we are on schedule to energize by second week in May,” said APS spokesperson Kendra Lee.

Power lines that will feed the substation were pulled across I-17 this past weekend, causing some traffic stoppages. The new facility, near the Daisy Mountain Post Office, is was needed to address outages on the west side of Anthem that occurred during the summers of 2014 and 2015, Lee said.

See the original story below for full details.


APS Upgrading Tramonto Substation

APS Daisy Mountain substation plan view

The new Daisy Mountain substation will be surrounded by a 10-foot wall and landscaping designed to match the area. Credit: APS

Original Story from Oct. 8, 2016:

New Substation to Address Power Outages

By Robert Roy Britt — Power outages on the west side of Anthem during the summers of 2014 and 2015 prompted an APS plan to install a new electrical substation to serve the community. Construction is slated to begin mid- to late-November.

Rust-colored 70-foot power poles with lines that cross I-17 just north of the Outlets at Anthem will be replaced by similar structures slightly farther north, to feed the new substation just south of Daisy Mountain Post Office on the east side of 43rd Avenue.

Map of APS substation and Goodwill

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Designed to convert high-voltage electricity to lower voltage for local distribution, the substation will be just over 300-feet long and wide (the length of a football field), surrounded by 10-foot-high block walls that match those in the neighborhood.

APS power line

This powerline crossing I-17 at the frontage road and Rushmore Drive is similar to a new one that will cross about a half-mile north. The Outlets at Anthem is in the background. In&Out Staff Photo

The new facility will be the fourth substation in the area. Three others—on N. 33rd Avenue in New River, on Carefree Highway across from Tramonto Marketplace, and just south of Boulder Creek High School—work in concert to provide electricity to the area. The three have proved insufficient, and only a patch-work of temporary solutions kept service intact this summer, said APS spokesperson Kendra Lee.

“There were a number of overloads that caused significant outages” to the Outlet Mall and surrounding businesses and residents in the two prior summers, Lee told In&Out. The new substation will primarily serve the west side of I-17, but all four stations will collaborate to redirect power across the area as needed.

The new lines east of I-17 will run east-west, parallel with Teresa Lane, adjacent to the Arroyo Norte subdivision.

The substations convert incoming electricity from 69,000 volts to 12,000 volts, according to APS. Outgoing power from substations is further converted at numerous small transformer boxes within neighborhoods to the lower voltages used in homes and businesses.

No public hearing was required for the project, Lee said, but APS sent letters to property owners near the project. APS purchased some of the necessary property and secured easements from other property owners. The substation will be accessed from 43rd Avenue. It is scheduled for completion by the end of May, Lee said.

APS Daisy Mountain Substation location

Overhead view of the plan for the new APS Daisy Mountain substation (right) just south of the Post Office along 43rd Avenue (bottom). Credit: APS

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