By March 16, 2017

My Unforgettable Anthem Days Memory

Photo Courtesy of NASA

By Chris PrickettTime flies when you’re getting old! My first Anthem Days was in 2001, but my most memorable had to be 2002. Come hop up on Grandpa Prickett’s knee (or not) and I’ll tell you all about it. (Cue the “way back” music.)

I was part of fledgling business group (everything was fledgling back in those days) and we were brainstorming on how we could raise money for We Care Anthem, while also promoting our businesses. When someone mentioned “dunk tank,” we had ourselves a plan!

Where to get a dunk tank? As luck would have it, one of our members had connections with our neighbors up the road, the Shangri La Ranch, a clothing optional resort. And they had a dunk tank.

Having never visited such a place, I was a bit apprehensive (OK, and a little curious). The pickup was uneventful. Nice people that they were, they had the tank mounted on a trailer and all ready for us. A hookup and a handshake and we were on our way.

It was a particularly cold weekend that year, and while we did have a wetsuit, it was a “smedium,” and even back then I couldn’t pour my ample assets into it, so I froze. All said and done, it was a successful weekend. We raised money, met a bunch of folks, and except for a head cold or two, survived.

It was the return trip back to the ranch where things got a bit “cosmic.” For some reason, we couldn’t get the trailer to release from the truck. After a fair amount of struggle, I could hear the whir of a golf cart headed my way. I believe it had vinyl seats. Out pops a very friendly fellow in his mid- to late-sixties, wearing a bucket-hat and flip-flops… only a bucket-hat and flip-flops. He proceeded to bend over and inspect our dilemma. Before I could dim mine eyes, I was treated to a glorious view of the moon, Uranus, and possibly a few satellites. Unwittingly, I boldly went to a place where this man had never gone before.

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