By August 9, 2017

Letter to the Editor: ‘Saving Safeway is on Us’

Where is your support for our new Safeway Store? Where did you go? It was so exciting to have our local Safeway Store back, instead of the ugly, vacant space which became such an eyesore in our community, but where did the shoppers go?

I see vacant aisles, 50-percent-off meat stickers, and clearance produce due to our apathy and lack of support.

We need to support and shop at our local Safeway Store if it is going to continue to be in business in our neighborhood. Otherwise, we are going to be looking at that vacant eyesore again. So, I urge my fellow Anthem shoppers to get out and head to the Safeway store, and show them that we are happy they are back in town again.

— Mary Mininni

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