By May 19, 2016

LDS Seminary Variance Proposal Fails

With a vote of two in favor and three opposed, the proposal for a variance to convert a residential home to an LDS seminary has failed at the Parkside HOA meeting Thursday, May 19. The deciding vote was cast by newest board member Chris Yano who was seated immediately after a previous meeting when the board passed a vote to pursue the issue.

Yano, who replaced BJ McIlnay—an LDS member, said “I’m a business owner, I’m a dad. This has been the most difficult decision I’ve been in. I’ve cried about this. I’ve talked to God about this… So, I didn’t take this lightly… I knew either way had I voted someone was going to get upset with me and that’s a difficult burden to have.… It’s unfortunate this is my very first meeting… I am heartbroken for how the kids are going to feel about this.”

How They Voted
Loren Linscott -Yea
Teresa Oorin – Nay
Bettye Ruff – Nay
Doug Sutherland – Yea
Chris Yano – Nay


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