By April 2, 2018

Improvements Coming to Difficult Anthem Intersection

parker court intersection

Parker Court and Circle K, seen from the eastbound lanes of Daisy Mountain Drive. In&Out Publications Staff Photo

By Robert Roy Britt — Pulling out of the west side of Circle K onto Daisy Mountain Drive can be a dicey proposition, especially if you hope to cross the westbound lanes and turn left. The intersection will get just a little more navigable this summer.

Anthem Community Council asked the Maricopa County Department of Transportation to take a look at the intersection, where lack of lane markings can cause exiting motorists trying to turn left to block those trying to turn right, and vice-versa. MCDOT recently decided the intersection needs improving, according to ACC CEO Neal Shearer.

This summer, MCDOT plans to add lane striping to Parker Court, including a left turn lane for outbound vehicles, Shearer said at ACC’s monthly meeting March 28. MCDOT will also add an acceleration lane for drivers exiting Parker Court onto eastbound Daisy Mountain Drive.

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parker court intersection improvements planned

This article first published on North Phoenix News.

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