By October 25, 2017

Houses Haunted by Outdated Décor Demons


gold fixtures

By Chris Prickett — Your home may not be a creepy, damp, house of horrors, but in today’s market, dated finishes and fixtures can make it seem less like a dream home and more like “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Here are a few eerie examples.

Bathroom Carpet Just the thought of those microscopic goblins haunting the padding of an often-wetted carpet gives potential home buyers the heebie-jeebies. Tiling such a small area will exorcise this décor demon at a relatively low cost.

Entertainment Niches Back in the olden days of the 20th Century, a 32-inch Sony Trinitron was the “cat’s pajamas” (Grandma, explain that term to the kiddos). The undersized niches went out when the flat screen came in. Best to remove that draconian drywall monster completely. A clean flat wall won’t scare away prospects like the niche that ate the family room might.

Gold Bathroom Fixtures Nothing makes a millennial buyer shriek with horror quicker than gold-tone bathroom fixtures, towel racks, and shower door trim. In reality, the plating on these ancient artifacts is probably disintegrating as well, making it a double-creature feature. Replace with brushed nickel.

Tile Counters These may not go bump in the night, but they show plenty of bumps in the day. Ceramic tile counters are often uneven, and cutting boards don’t always sit nice when you try to chop veggies. The grout stains easily and can harbor bacteria. You might be surprised how inexpensive stone counters are, and shocked by how quickly a home sells with granite versus tile in the kitchen.

Wild Paint Colors When picking out Halloween candy, it’s best to buy what most kids like, not that orange and yellow candy corn you favor. Likewise, your choice of interior paint color might be Hot Tamales, but the more inclusive your color choices are—muted grays are popular these days—the fewer buyers you’ll spook.

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This article first published on North Phoenix News.

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