By July 11, 2018

Giant BCHS Mural Getting Facelift

Staff Writers —When the giant mural of Boulder Creek High School’s mascot was dedicated on March 30, 2010, there was talk that the paint would last 50 years. But after eight years, it’s getting a much-needed facelift.

The mural with the giant jaguar was conceived by Dina Holland and created by Lindsay Boggs and Taryn Fortner of Studio 4224. The mascot is comprised of 17 aluminum panels painted individually and assembled on site. At the time, then-PTA president Myong Covert called it “the jewel on our crown.”

bchs mural mascot

The mural just after it went up in 2010. In&Out Publications photos

The mural was showing some wear in this 2017 photo.

bchs logo painting

A lone worker was painting the logo yesterday, July 10, 2018.

This article first published on North Phoenix News.


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