By June 18, 2013

Ditching Dewey…and other cool improvements coming to the library.


By Nadine Shaalan

If you’ve tried to visit the library, you know it is undergoing a serious renovation. What you might not have known is that not only is it getting a facelift, but the heart and soul of the library is being reconfigured. That’s right, North Valley Regional Library is ditching the old reliable Dewey Decimal/card catalog system in favor of a more browser-friendly “shelf logic” system that organizes books more like a bookstore does.

“We found our customers are more interested in browsing and probably more interested in subject matter and, in the case of fiction, author and genre, so this system will serve them better,” said Nelson Mitchell, spokesperson for the Maricopa County Library District.

The new system will also make titles more accessible by moving them down from the ceiling and up from the floor. When titles are at eye-level, they get checked out. When they’re on the top or bottom shelf, they get ignored.

The shelf-logic system will allow the library to visually determine which titles are most popular and stock up on those, and clear out those which are least popular.

Other changes:  An area in the far corner will be redesigned with teens in mind. The addition of tablet armchairs will make portable computing more comfortable for library customers, and wheeled A-frame media units for DVDs will provide space flexibility.

Southeast Regional Library and Northwest Regional Library will also be undergoing renovations.

Renovation Hours

Effective Monday June 10–Sunday, July 7

Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Tuesday & Thursday, 11 a.m.–7 p.m.

Sunday: Closed

The library will operate exclusively from the Story Time room. The public will not have access to the main library, computers or restrooms.



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