By May 31, 2017

Diamond Canyon School Choir Wins National Competition

Diamond Canyon‘s 7th and 8th Grade Choir took first place in a national competition in Anaheim, CA earlier this month. It’s the third time in six years the school’s choir has won the competition, said Choir Director Caroline Kaupa.

The kids “pulled off a stellar performance in the Middle School Concert Choir category,” Kaupa said. They also received a Festival of Gold certificate and an accompanying invitation to sing at New York City’s Carnegie Hall next spring. Making that trek would require a lot of planning, Kaupa said.

“Many of my fellow colleagues and choir parents are behind the idea,” she said. “With a lot of support, I think we could do it.”

The students:

Andrew Lee
Avery Davis
Brendan Davidson
Brooke Wells
Chloe Jackson
Davin Kallevig
Delaney Luzny
Emily Black
Emily Meyer
Emily Wayne
Haylee Long
Isabella Brown
Isabella Powell
Isabella Spear
Isabella Torres
Jonah Garcia
Julie Huggins
Kathleen Failey
Kathryn Maddox
Madison Florek
Mckenna Davis
Megan Mills
Melanie Hreha
Parker Slaton
Payton Freesh
Regina Kipp
River Norr
Samantha Bramwell
Taylor Abeyta
Taylor Meier
Teresa Ramsey
Zachary Lamb

Teachers Demi Skinner, Becca Barnes and Tiffaney Ellis assisted the group. “These ladies were invaluable,” Kaupa told In&Out, adding the group’s “amazing piano accompanist” is Jennifer Adams.

This article first published on North Phoenix News.

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