By February 6, 2020

Coming to Anthem: Clean Comedy on Naughty Relationships

By Robert Roy Britt — Comedian Mark Cordes from Cave Creek has been married, divorced, single and now remarried, so he knows a thing or two about relationships. Cordes is known for making fun of it all—life, love and elderly passion. He’s also known for being clean compared to many comics. His jokes may not be exactly PG-13, he says, but he’s not dropping F-bombs, either. 

“It’s a little bit naughty, like every good relationship should be,” Cordes told In&Out. “But it’s not vulgar… Dirty humor is just a crutch. I get a big kick out of trying to be clean and clever.”

Cordes has joked around at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix and theaters around the country, and he’s opened for Willie Nelson, Ray Charles and the Doobie Brothers. His Anthem show, at a venue seating 400 people and open to the public via advance ticket sales, will be among his most intimate, and he likes it like that. 

He invites questions from the audience, and enjoys actually seeing their expressions as he answers (though some questions are too crude to even read, he says). The result: Every show is different.

You can bet he’ll make fun of himself, and his wife. What’s she think about that?

“The only time she gets upset is when I don’t do enough about her,” he said.

The event, open to the public, is expected to sell out, organizers say. Cordes’ next gig will be at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, Feb. 22–23.

‘The Spouse Whisperer’
Wednesday, Feb. 12, 7:30 p.m.
Anthem Country Club: Ironwood Clubhouse
41551 N. Anthem Hills Drive

$45/General admission; $55/Center seats; $300/High-top table to seat four

Caitlin Coulter contributed to this story.

This article first published on North Phoenix News.


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