By January 21, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Chased by Javelinas, Saved by a Honda


Javelinas are not from the pig family. They’re in the peccary family, a group of hoofed mammals originating in South America. Photo: NPS

Walking my dogs last Monday morning, we spooked three javelinas at the corner of Kuralt and Hastings. I expected the javelinas to posture a bit, but I didn’t expect to be chased right down the center of Hastings, three dogs in tow and three javelinas on our heels.

Fortunately, we were faster. Barely. After all, my “weekend-beer:30-CrossFit” body was up for the challenge. Heck, one of my dogs has one lung. He was up for it, too, though after it all he sounded like Forest Gump imitating his principal.

Twenty seconds in, I started to question my stamina and, frankly, was amazed at the three little devils’ persistence!

Then, I saw my savior. As we chugged toward Hickok Trail, a cowgirl in a silver Honda Odyssey recognized this huffing mass of blob and one-lunged dog needed help.  As we passed, she floored it and took the javelinas head-on. Honking, lights flashing and quick left/right maneuvers, she used her Odyssey to herd them into the wash.    

As my savior gathered her van off of the sidewalk, she pulled up and asked if we were OK.  I responded with a half laughing, “Yes! Thank you. Honda Odyssey getting it done!”    

So, Anthem residents, be careful out there. Tune up your situational awareness and have a plan.

Thank you, cowgirl!

— David Newland, Anthem

David Newland and his three dogs were chased by javelinas on the east side of Anthem. Photo courtesy David Newland

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