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Caepe Closing in Favor of Brighter Beginnings

brighter beginnings_140520_2169By In&Out Staff

The Caepe, after six years of serving students in a private, college-preparatory format, is closing.

A year ago, Tamara Lee, head of the tuition-based school, said the Caepe was seeking charter status. But in a recent email Lee said, “We are not going to pursue a charter and, in fact, we are closing the Caepe School.”

The Caepe School opened in 2008 with grades K–8. Grades 9–12 were added in 2009, but were eliminated by November 2011 due to lack of enrollment.

Brighter Beginnings

In August 2013, the Caepe spun-off the preschool to become its own entity with the name Brighter Beginnings. Lee said the preschool, which offers full- and half-day options and extended care, will continue operating in the Caepe’s location in Anthem Commerce Park.

The program will expand this fall with the addition of a kindergarten class. Brighter Beginnings implements a “responsive classroom” technique, targeting social and emotional development. Components of the curriculum include language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, arts, Spanish, PE and a community and earth awareness program with an emphasis on community service and recycling programs.

Brighter Beginnings Preschool and Kindergarten
42212 N. 41st Dr.

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