By September 6, 2017

Anthem’s Cell Towers: Who, What, Where and Why

By Robert Roy Britt — While large cell towers and smaller Wireless Communication Facilities (WCFs) sprout all over the region—with more and smaller units on the way—Anthem’s cell phone coverage is anchored by four wireless antennas installed atop light poles around the community park ball fields.

Anthem Community Council spokesperson Kristi Northcutt identified which towers are leased by which carriers [map below]:

at&t cell tower in anthem

AT&T’s tower is near the parks & facilities building on Whitman Drive. Note the walled-in area for air-conditioned equipment. In&Out Staff Photos

verizon cell tower anthem

Verizon’s tower is between softball fields Nos. 1 and 2.

t-mobile cell tower in anthem

T-Mobile’s tower is just beyond the softball field No. 2 outfield.

sprint cell tower in anthem

Sprint’s cell tower is between the soccer fields.

Leases & Revenue

Lease agreements were negotiated by Pulte/Del Webb when Anthem was under construction, Northcutt said. At that time, the builder controlled the Anthem Community Council board of directors and had sole discretion for such decisions.

The light poles in the park were the “tallest vertical assets” available in the area, Northcutt noted. “We can assume that they saw the need for cell service, and that putting the equipment on existing light poles was the least intrusive option, and more favorable visually than independently standing poles for each carrier elsewhere in the community,” she said.

“The ACC receives about $7,000/month total, from all of the carriers combined,” Northcutt said. “The leases minimally increase with each successive five-year renewal of each lease.”

The ACC Board of Directors, now run by resident volunteers, hasn’t negotiated any new or revised agreements with the carriers, Northcutt said.

Meanwhile, Verizon plans to fill what it calls “a significant gap in service” by installing a new cell tower on EPCOR property near Gavilan Peak Parkway south of Boulder Creek High School. The tower is slated to come online early next year.

anthem cell towers map

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