By April 10, 2017

No Lane Lines: Anthem Roads to Get Stripes Soon

anthem way no lane lines

Repaving on Anthem Way began March 14. MCDOT plans to add lane lines soon. In&Out Staff Photo

Robert Roy Britt — Recently resurfaced Anthem roads will remain without lines for a little while longer.

The resurfacing began March 14 and was slated for completion April 4. The slurry of oil and asphalt, which helps underlying asphalt hold together and last longer, must dry 72 hours before striping can be done. MCDOT had planned to do some of the striping as the project progressed, rather than waiting until all the resurfacing was finished.

When asked, MCDOT officials did not say what caused the delay.

“We are continuing to work with our contractor to ensure the project is completed as quickly as possible,” MCDOT spokesperson Nicole Moon told In&Out on Friday. “We expect the roadways will be restriped sometime in the next two weeks.”

The resurfaced roads without lane lines include sections of Anthem Way, Daisy Mountain Drive, Gavilan Peak Parkway and Meridian Drive.

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