By March 6, 2014

Anthem Oasis

RagnorRelay 008


By Brad Wood

You may have seen the unique Ragnar signs on Anthem’s sidewalks and trails recently and wondered, “What’s Ragnar?”

Ragnar is when you and 11 of your buddies tag team against other teams of 12 for 200 miles in an overnight relay. Each team participant runs three legs, with each leg ranging from three to eight miles. While one runs, the others pile into two support vans until their turn arrives. There are 16 Ragnar races nationwide; Arizona hosts “The Ragnar Del Sol” which takes runners from Wickenburg to Tempe… via Anthem.

On Friday and Saturday, Feb. 21 and 22, the Ragnar Del Sol ran through Anthem, stopping gratefully for shut-eye and a shower at Anthem’s luxurious Community Center. “I think this is heaven,” said Danleia Ahumada from Gilbert, as she cooled off, cleaned up and reveled in the digs at the Community Center.


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