By April 12, 2017

Anthem Getting New Fire Department Building

Daisy Mountain Fire Department has begun construction on a new administration office building in Anthem, adjacent to the existing fire station on Daisy Mountain Drive.

The new building will be larger than the existing office at Fire Station 141 on New River Road, which has been in use since 2002, said Deputy Chief Danny Johnson.

“We’ve grown a little bit in support staff,” Johnson told In&Out. “The main purpose is to get all our staff in the same building.”

DMFD employs nearly 100 people, Johnson said. The chief, two deputy chiefs, a fire marshal and accounting and human resources personnel, among others, will occupy the new building. Those people are currently scattered in different locations, he said.

Anthem was chosen in part because it is centrally located within the district, and because of the amount of commercial activity, which requires inspections and approvals by the fire marshal.

The groundbreaking was March 16. The building is expect to open in late October. Separately, DMFD is building a replacement for Fire Station 145 in Desert Hills.

dmfd construction site

The construction site of the planned new administration building was taking shape April 12, 2017. In&Out Staff Photos

Daisy Mountain Fire Department

Daisy Mountain Fire Department’s existing fire house No. 142 on Daisy Mountain Drive in Anthem.

DMFD administration building

An artist’s rendering of the new administration building. Image courtesy DMFD

This article was part of a story first published on North Phoenix News.

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