How Anthem Works

Council, HOAs and how it all ties together.

The Anthem community is operated by the seven-member volunteer board of directors known as the Anthem Community Council. Council makes decisions about finances and community-wide operations. It operates similar to a city council but has more autonomy. Since Anthem is not an incorporated town, the Council lacks authority over crucial services such as law enforcement and fire protection.

The Anthem Community Council’s stated mission is “to establish and maintain a governing structure which will preserve, protect and enhance the plans, policies, infrastructure and resources needed to support a sense of community, ensure sound economic development, and promote a quality of life for all Anthem residents.”

The day-to-day operations are overseen by Council employees: Community Executive Officer Jenna Kollings and Community Operations Officer Neal Shearer. Council maintains community property such as Anthem’s main community park, Liberty Bell park, the main entrance fountains, the catch-and-release lake.

In addition, there are three HOAs that enforce their own Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) and govern operations of their specific neighborhoods: Country Club, Parkside and the Village (condominiums). The HOAs have elected boards and community managers who run the day-to-day. Jody Cotes is the Community Manager for Country Club. Annette McCarthy manages Anthem Parkside.  The Village’s community Manager is Jo-Ann Greenstein.

Examples of differences between the HOAs and Council: Parkside HOA maintains the pocket parks and monitors CC&R violations. Council, on the other hand, is in charge of running and maintaining the Community Center, Community Park and the ball fields. Council is responsible for collecting homeowner assessments and distributes a portion to the corresponding HOA.

The roads in gated communities are privately owned by the respective HOA, while roads in most of parkside are owned by Maricopa County on the eastside, and City of Phoenix on the west.

The overall operation of Anthem falls under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Revised Statutes Title 33, Chapter 16, “Planned Communities.”

Anthem 101: Overview

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